6 June 2019

One might not initially realise the power of an exceptional lighting scheme with the naked eye. However, regardless of how brilliant or expensive an interior might be, one can instinctively sense whether the lighting is showcasing a favourable ambience or not. Light has a direct impact on how good or bad you feel within an interior space.

Listed below are a selection of the different types of lamps and artificial lighting that we regularly use to create magnificent lighting compositions:

Cupola with bespoke Swarovski chandelier in Vienna project


Chandeliers are like crowns to interiors and one of the very few elements designers use that specifically decorate ceilings. When utilised correctly chandeliers bring immediate greatness and majesty to interiors, filling the vacuum of high ceilings with grace and beauty. Like trees of light, they’re used more as visual elements and ambient setters than offerors of actual light. Chandeliers are real design masterpieces, existing in various volumes, textures, shapes and forms.

Cupola with bespoke Swarovski  chandelier in Vienna project


Floor lamps are used to fill specific dark spaces with light and bring genuine design value to a space. The floor lamp contributes to a warmer ambience in a room while dressing hollow spaces and corners with elegance. Being a decorative and artistic piece in luxury interiors, its positioning is essential to offer the amount of light required while also showcasing its visual design features.

Floor lamp Elder from Visionnaire


Spots are functional standard lamps that can be integrated within ceilings and floors. They can be used to lighten specific objects, pathways or rooms that require a spread source of light. It is important that spots are used subtly and with the relevant light colour. If this is ignored there is a risk giving off a cold and formal look, going against the desired atmosphere for the interior. Spots generally should be used to underline and/or complete an already existing lighting concept.

Lighting concept including spots for private lounge in Vienna

Stratum stone – marble & onyx with backlight


Backlighting is used to elevate the aesthetic and the dramatic aura of an interior by illuminating the subject from the back. Like LED’s, backlighting has vast creative potential for decoration and ornamentation and is versatile enough to compliment a variety of design themes and aspirations. Backlights are used through interior elements such as walls, patterns and ceilings (with cove lights).

Stratum stone – marble & onyx with backlight


Table lamps typically offer a smaller source of light positioned in close proximity to a person, setting a cosy and warm ambience in a room when bigger light sources are not desired. While providing this light, table lamps can be used equally as a decorative/ornamental object for a variety of smaller furniture pieces such as side tables, commodes and desks. Table lamps can also break the emptiness of larger objects, bring finer details into clearer view and help underline specific features of other interior design elements.

Set of refined table lamps for private office project


Used to lighten a variety of pathways and locales, wall lamps fill empty walls or frame core elements such as arch entrances, chimneys and corridors, without taking up unnecessary interior space. Like a precious pin on one’s coat, wall lamps bring beautiful and refined details to murals under various forms, shapes and materials.

Visual of new living room design for prospective project in Manchester (wall lamps from Imperio & Deco)


LED’s are a real lighting pencil for interior design and furniture enhancement. This light source allows for further creativity on ornament walls, ceilings and floors. It can also underline shapes, revive tired pieces of decoration and excite previously neglected spaces. LED lighting comes in a near infinite choice of colours, shapes and reflections and can be as versatile as the interior design can imagine.

Completed project in Geneva with bespoke library made of marble, mirror & LED designed by Markus


The large variety of lamps and lightings options available today really do illuminate the creative minds of our design team. They allow for great creations and truly result in exceptional renderings when a concept is tailor-made in perfect harmony with the overall design. Alongside the thriving increase of technology in todays’ homes, indoor lighting possibilities are becoming more and more spectacular and our team is delighted to lighten your own atmosphere in order to beautify your living experience.

If you would like to discuss your design project with Markus and the team, please get in touch and we would be delighted to talk to you.

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